Canine Spirit

  Training For People 

  With Dogs



Set your puppy up for a lifetime of success!

A well run class  develops your puppy’s confidence and help shape their attitude and behavior in a positive way.  The early development stages are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you puppy!

Our Positive Puppy classes are a fun, family-friendly experience using the latest knowledge in dog behavior

Scent Sports & Noseworthy


Nose Work is an easy to learn activity!

Using the dog's natural desire to hunt

Along with their  love of toys and treats, we will build confidence & team work


A fun and fantastic way to safely exercise your dog both mentally and physically.

Dogs of all ages and abilities are welcome

Private Training


Effective Solutions for Everyone!

Our experienced and talented trainers

 can modify reward based training to suit the unique needs of people with dogs.   

Having the trainer's undivided attention (at home, in the park, on walks, in public, etc.) 

We specialize in behavior modification for reactivity, fear, anxiety and aggression